The Best Shampoo for Dogs – Reviews, Ranking 2022

The Best shampoo for dogs is an essential accessory if you want to wash your dog carefully. It’s almost as important as taking care of your personal hygiene, and just like for men, even the most beloved four-legged friends may have special needs when it comes to washing. If your dog has problems with hair loss, dry skin or dermatitis, it may be important to purchase a specific product, but in any case, before buying the best dog shampoo for your needs, it is important to always check the INCI of the dog. ‘article chosen, to be sure that there are no substances harmful to the animal and the environment.

In short, many types of dog shampoo are on sale on the market, different from each other based on the composition, the type of hair that will be washed, and many other factors that it is very important to keep in mind before buying it: when washing a dog it is important to use the best product for that specific animal, so as not to irritate the skin.

Precisely for this reason, we have decided to help you to find the best dog shampoo for your needs: in this real buying guide we will explain precisely what all the factors to take into consideration are, and then move on to a list of products that, in our opinion, have the best value for money.

Read on and find a list of the best dog shampoos to help you decide which model is perfect for you.

The best dog shampoos

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Why use a dog shampoo

If you are wondering why to buy dog shampoo and not wash your pet with a detergent made for humans, the answer is simple: the pH of human skin is 5, while that of a dog’s dermis is 7. which means that using a cleanser designed for men would risk attacking and irritating his skin, thus causing dermatitis and skin inflammation.

In reality, however, not all dogs are water lovers and not all people can devote time to washing their four-legged friend: this is why dry shampoos, powders, and foams have been created that can be used without water and without Flushing.

How to choose the best dog shampoo

Just like humans, dogs can also be washed. It is a very important operation, possible from the age of three months but which requires the use of a specific shampoo that does not attack the skin of the animal. For this reason, it is important to be aware of a series of basic rules, with which you can then make the choice of the best dog shampoo for your needs.


The amount of foam produced by a dog shampoo is very important. Among the best ones on the market, the most effective are those that generate less foam during washing, so that they can be rinsed and not let the animal stay too long under water. In this case, the result will be a shiny and light coat and a non-inflamed skin.


If you have a purebred dog, it might be smart to buy a specific shampoo. These are particular compositions produced precisely on the basis of the characteristics of the coat and skin of the specific breed, with which excellent results can be obtained.


The choice of fragrance varies according to the preferences of the animal. Some scents may be unpleasant for the animal, but in this case you will have to proceed by trial and error. It is important to consider his reactions to the first wash and, if he does not like the perfume, he should opt for another fragrance that can make him experience the moment of the bath in relaxation.


Those who do not worry about spending, could opt for an organic product totally free of chemicals. In any case, just check the INCI written on the packaging of the chosen product: it is the list of ingredients, which must be good and certain that it does not contain chemicals that can harm the animal and the environment.

1. Natural Dog Company Sensitive Skin Shampoo

Best Shampoo for Dogs
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Volume: 500 ml

If you want to have the best dog shampoo you can find in 202, the product from Natural Dog Company Sensitive Skin Shampoo is perfect, as it will be of great quality and efficiency, because it is made entirely from natural ingredients.

When you buy 6 in 1 formula dog shampoo, you get many benefits, such as germ killing, odor neutralization, deep cleansing. In addition, you will enjoy knot-free and fully hydrated hair, without the presence of harmful chemicals. This formula produces an easy-to-rinse foam, which also prevents irritation in delicate areas.

As the name suggests, the all natural pet product is made entirely with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, tea tree, aloe Vera, jojoba oil, lemongrass. This helps eliminate bacteria that may have been contracted from the dirt, while enjoying a citrus aroma that lingers after a bath.

By using the dog shampoo in question you can be sure of getting the best results, because it is recommended by experts, and if you are not satisfied with your purchase, Natural Dog Company Sensitive Skin Shampoo brand will offer you a full refund.

As you can see, you will not only get the best dog shampoo of 2022, but also a super reliable product that is recommended by vets.

  • The best dog shampoo in our comparison
  • Made entirely with natural ingredients
  • Dog shampoo with 6 in 1 formula
  • It will not cause irritation in sensitive areas
  • It reduces itching thanks to its moisturizing properties
  • Kills germs and neutralizes bad smells
  • Full refund if you are not satisfied
  • Opinions confirm a somewhat strong aroma for some people
  • A little too liquid structure, according to some buyers

2. Green Groom Odor Eliminator Dog Shampoo

dog shampoo for smelly dog
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Volume: 1 Gallon

If you want to buy an excellent quality dog ​​shampoo at excellent prices, the Green Groom Odor Eliminator Dog Shampoo is the right one for you, because it will give you the best value for money of 2022.

By making this purchase, you will have an effective shampoo on any dog ​​breed and on all types of fur, even the fattest. The Green Groom Odor Eliminator Dog Shampoo has developed the product with citrus extracts, in order to completely remove dirt, grease and bad odors. It will grant you some specific properties that cause your furry friend’s fur to lighten, without causing him any damage.

You will have at your disposal a dog shampoo with a pleasant citrus aroma, in a presentation of 4 liters and in a package with dimensions of 6 x 6 x 21 cm, made with the aim of giving you a long life and thus avoiding constant purchases. Also, if you want it to last longer, you can dilute it with a little warm water.

The Green Groom Odor Eliminator Dog Shampoo produces products for animals with fruit extracts, in order to offer different properties according to needs and tastes. This specific shampoo is recommended for daily use even in canine beauty salons.

Citrus Shine Dog Shampoo will therefore provide you with excellent cleaning quality for your pets, but at very affordable prices.

  • Best value for money of 2022
  • Also effective on oily skin
  • Ideal for any breed of dog
  • You will enjoy a refreshing citrus aroma
  • Based on citrus extracts, to lighten the skin without
  • contraindications
  • If desired, it can be diluted with warm water
  • Presentation of 4 liters, to last longer
  • It does not generate much foam, as some opinions claim
  • According to buyer reviews, the aroma does not last very long

What happens if you wash your dog too often

It is a question that many ask themselves, the answer to which is often accompanied by different beliefs and, some more true than others. For example, it is said that if you wash it too often, your dog may lose the natural oils it has on its skin, or its pH will be damaged. This is not entirely true, as his health is compromised if he is washed extremely frequently or if he is never washed. In reality, therefore, it is advisable to wash it with the right frequency and use products made specifically for dogs, with a pH suitable for the animal’s skin, so as not to damage the coat or irritate the skin.

3. Wahl Dirty Beastie Shampoo – Ideal for various animals

anti itch shampoo for dog
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Volume: 500 ml

Do you want to buy shampoo for your canine friends of excellent quality? Excellent! The Dirty Beastie model will provide you with effective cleaning for their coat, but is also perfect for other pets.

With the purchase of the great Dirty Beastie shampoo for animals, you will have a super-concentrated formula at your disposal, which you can dilute by putting one part in 32 parts of water. Despite his concentration, you can enjoy a deep clean without worrying about the dog being harmed. It is made with extracts of natural ingredients, such as pear, peach and kiwi, among others.

Dirty Beastie shampoo has been designed to dissolve any tangles in the dog’s coat, reducing the dirt and / or grease that has accumulated. Effective on any type of hair, it offers you the convenient possibility of using it on other pets, such as horses, rabbits, goats, llamas, cows, alpacas, ferrets, etc.

As if that weren’t enough, it’s an easy-to-rinse model of shampoo, and it has a pleasant enough aroma that will last until after a bath. You will have a 50 ml container, with dimensions of 6 x 6 x 22 centimeters, which although it seems small will last a long time, given the high concentration of the product.

Wahl’s Dirty Beastie shampoo therefore has many features that will make cleaning easier, and is perfect if, in addition to dogs, you also have other pets that you want to make scented.

  • Ideal for animals and various coats
  • Super concentrated formula, to be diluted in water
  • with a ratio of 32: 1
  • Deep cleaning without damage
  • Shampoo based on extracts of natural ingredients
  • You will enjoy a fresh and lasting aroma
  • Easy to use thanks to quick rinse
  • 500ml design, and dimensions of 6 x 6 x 22cm
  • Several buyers report damage in the packaging
  • If undiluted it generates too much foam, according to reviews

4. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo

shampoo for white dog
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Volume: 473 ml

If you are looking for a dog shampoo that is effective and does not cause allergies to your puppies, then the product made by Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo is for you.

The Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo brand offers you a model of shampoo and conditioner for dogs with sensitive skin, deep cleansing without the presence of harmful ingredients. It will offer you many properties, such as itch relief, odor elimination and skin health, as well as strong hydration for your hair and a totally balanced pH.

The shampoo is made with natural ingredients such as essential oils, aloe vera, vitamin E, lavender, coconut, vanilla, frankincense, etc. so it is totally safe for your puppies, regardless of breed. It features antibacterial protection, making it perfect for use in beauty salons on both normal and sensitive skin.

Also, you can use bubble bath if you are concerned about fleas and ticks your pets may carry from walking, as it is a natural remedy for such conditions. Note that the manufacturer recommends shaking the contents before use, and positioning it by massaging it gently avoiding contact with the eyes.

With the purchase of Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo you will have at your disposal healing properties on the animal’s skin, and the combined conditioner will help you to untie the knots present in its coat.

  • Ideal shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Healing and soothing properties
  • PH balance of your pet’s skin
  • Antibacterial protection, to be able to take your walks
  • without worries
  • Made without any materials that are harmful or
  • harmful to your pets
  • Perfect for use in beauty salons
  • 500 ml presentation
  • It does not generate much foam, as the opinions claim
  • You will need to use more of it on long-haired dogs
  • It can be very liquid compared to other products

Why it is better to use a dog shampoo and not a human shampoo

Let’s think backwards: would you feel comfortable using a specific product for dogs? It is clear that a body cleanser (canine or human) will not be toxic for reverse use but that does not mean it is appropriate nor safe. The needs of humans and animals are different , which is why there are products “for dogs” and not “universal”. But unfortunately the idea often is that the pet market is lucrative and ephemeral, that all pet products are just a waste of money and that any human product, perhaps neutral for babies, will be just fine for the dog. .

This is an anachronistic view, as well as the result of ignorance on the subject. Humans and animals have very different specific needs , starting with the pH of the skin . Using human products on an animal can be fine one-off in emergency conditions but prolonged and constant use exposes our animal to consequences such as infections, allergies, dermatitis …

tick shampoo for dog

5. Vet’s Best – Improves any type of allergy

oatmeal shampoo for dog
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Volume: 470 ml

If your dog has one or more allergies, we recommend the special shampoo produced by the company Vet’s Best, which will help you to reduce the itching of your pets.

With this purchase you will be able to enjoy a dog shampoo specially designed for those with skin irritation or itching, because thanks to its soothing properties it helps to improve the inflammation caused by constant scratching. You can apply it as often as needed without worrying about getting dry skin, as it is made with 100% natural ingredients.

You will find among its ingredients tea tree oils, oats, d-limonene, chamomile, which will offer you incomparable moisturizing effects, and it is totally safe for any breed and for puppies from 12 weeks. It should be noted that the product does not contain alcohol, but has a pleasant herbal aroma that will last until after the bath.

The manufacturer of the shampoo in question recommends applying it evenly to your dog’s coat when it is already wet. Then you have to gently massage all of his skin for 5 minutes to lather it, and then rinse it thoroughly avoiding contact with the eyes. You can then repeat this last step if you deem it necessary.

As you can see, when you buy Vet’s Best product you will not only have one of the best dog shampoos, but also all those great features to see your pets happy.

  • Perfect shampoo to improve any allergy in dogs
  • It can be used on dogs from 12 weeks
  • It soothes red and swollen skin from continuous
  • scratching
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Alcohol-free to avoid skin reactions
  • Herbal scent that lingers after a bath
  • You can apply it as often as needed
  • Some buyer reviews claim that the consistency is very liquid
  • It should not be used on pregnant or lactating animals

6. Pet Head Dirty Talk – Best Cheap Dog Shampoo

dry shampoo for dog
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Volume: 475 ml

Do you want to buy an excellent quality pet cleaning product, but without spending a lot of money? You will love the Pet Head model, because you will get an excellent cheap dog shampoo for 2022.

Dirty Talk Shampoo, created by the Pet Head brand, is made in the United States with materials that are free of harmful parabens and sulfates. It turns out to be super effective and ideal for dogs with bad smells, as it eliminates them completely instead of covering them. You’ll find ingredients that are totally safe for all breed types, and perfect for puppies.

You will have ingredients that will not only help you neutralize odors, but will also complement the development of the coat and its elasticity. Among its main active ingredients we can mention sodium bicarbonate, vegetable proteins, soy extract, ordinone. By using such a shampoo, your dogs will enjoy a soft, shiny coat and

By purchasing Dirty Talk shampoo, you get a delicious orange scent, in a beautiful 475ml presentation, with practical dimensions of 6.4 x 6.4 x 22.2cm. It has also gained excellent reviews from its buyers.

  • The best dog shampoo in the budget range
  • Ideal for eliminating the odor of the fur
  • Made in the USA without harmful parabens or sulfates
  • Powerful special formula to eliminate odors without
  • covering them
  • You will enjoy a delicious orange scent
  • Your pet will have balanced skin and a shiny coat
  • Beautiful presentation of 475ml and dimensions of 6.4
  • x 6.4 x 22.2cm
  • Buyers say the smell may not be very strong
  • It does not generate much foam when used

7. Timely, regenerating shampoo for dogs with vitamins

shampoo for dog with allergies
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The Timely regenerating shampoo for dogs with vitamins  is a good economic product that cleans gently and deeply, restoring the shine, elasticity and damaged and dry hair of the animal. It is used by applying a small quality to wet coat and includes vitamins and panthenol to nourish the fur of our four-legged friend.

8. Yuup Dry Shampoo for Dogs

shampoo for smelly dog
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The Yuup Dry Shampoo  is a good dry-type product. It is a perfect product for those who love practicality and is especially designed for those animals that cannot stand water. It is made without the use of parabens and phthalates, which are extremely harmful to the dog’s health and contains elements that allow the coat to be shiny and soft, such as keratin and panthenol.

9. Bolfo Antiparasitic shampoo

flea and tick shampoo for dog
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Also very interesting is the antiparasitic Bolfo Shampoo , a particular compound that can not only wash the dog gently and in depth, but can be perfect for the treatment of fleas and ticks and all other parasites that could infest the animal’s coat.

10.  TropiClean PerfectFur Thick Double Coat Shampoo for Dogs

deshedding shampoo for dogs
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TropiClean PerfectFur Thick Double Coat Best Shampoo for Dogs shampoo is characterized by the ingredients that compose it. Elements such as tea tree or lemongrass make it one of the favorite products of dog owners and allow for a deep cleaning and the elimination of germs and bacteria. It is an article dedicated to those who love nature and want to respect it, which is not tested on animals and, clearly, does not contain harmful substances for dogs and the environment.

Are we really sure that the game is worth the candle?

If you’re still not convinced, let’s go even deeper into the topic together:

  • Skin and pH – The skin is our protective shell, our shield against the outside. In order to function properly, this shield must be healthy, undamaged, free of parasites. Its defenses must be kept healthy with proper hygiene using products that respect its unique characteristics.

One might think that the skin is sufficiently tough to resist any environmental attack but it is not so; the skin and its entry points (pores) are attacked daily by countless bacteria and are exposed to a myriad of threats , including superficial lesions. Making sure we defend the health of the skin is our responsibility which also occurs through the use of toilet products suitable for both annihilating attacks by bacteria (with anti-bacterial action) and respectful of our pH.

But what is the pH? Let’s imagine it as a protective layer that covers our natural case. Its effectiveness depends on the correct balance of bases and acids on the skin.

The pH of the dog’s skin is much more acidic than ours; using human products on a dog over time will create lesions, redness, cracks, infections, allergies … Not to mention that products for humans are not suitable for fighting the external threats to which our animals are exposed daily, starting from parasites.

In situations of need, occasionally, it is allowed to use a neutral and delicate human soap or wet wipes for babies but remember that the exception should not be a rule.

  • Skin Sensitivity – Human skin is made up of several overlapping skin layers, five to be exact. If taken together we will get between 10 and 15 rows of epithelial cells while the dog’s skin has only 3 to 5 rows of epithelial cells, this means that their skin is more delicate than ours and use products that contain chemicals. or harsh ingredients can easily damage their skin. As we have seen before, the result will be evident: redness, dryness, flaking, lesions, itching, development of allergies, and much more.

Now you might think that we are talking nonsense as dogs come into contact with the most diverse environments every day without getting hurt or suffering skin lesions but this is where the coat comes into play , not superhero … But hairy! Unlike human follicles that produce single hairs, their animal follicles usually produce wispy hairs that provide ample protection of the underlying skin . Unfortunately when we bathe them the moisture easily penetrates into the follicles that produce these clumps and in a way trap them – this is also one of the reasons why it is so difficult to dry a dog’s coat when wet than it is. our flowing hair.

When we bathe the dog using a shampoo, it is easier to damage his skin precisely because at that moment the skin is more sensitive. Is it therefore advisable to use a human shampoo on our dog? The answer is obviously NO. Do you want to do the litmus test? Try washing the dog with your hair shampoo, you will immediately feel that your Fido will give off an odor that is anything but perfumed. And you can continue to wash it again and again, hoping that sooner or later scents of wild strawberries and rose hips, like that beautiful photo on the bottle packaging, however it will not happen and indeed it will continue to deteriorate because the acid layer of the skin has now been ruined. and the bacteria have already taken over the territory.

By continuing to wash the dog with a human product we will not allow the acid layer of the skin to regenerate and soon we will see that Fido will start scratching incessantly, as if he were covered with fleas, while instead it is only the fault of our shampoo.

How to choose the best shampoo for your dog?

flea shampoo for dogs

Now that we have explained in detail why we should never use human products to wash our dog, let’s find out how to choose a best shampoo for dogs suitable for our four-legged friend:

Dog skin type – first let’s take a careful look at his skin: if we notice dry, red, flaking areas, if our dog scratches often , it will be advisable to choose a delicate formula. A shampoo that is too aggressive could worsen the skin irritations from which it already suffers unlike a delicate product which will help restore the skin’s natural oils, slowly neutralizing itching and redness. In the event that our dog suffers from sensitive skin we would do well to orient ourselves on natural products based on oats, with vitamin E and / or honey, very effective ingredients in going to soothe the discomfort due to hypersensitivity of the skin.

Presence of fleas or ticks – animals that have parasite infestations need a product that contains specific ingredients that can kill them. Fleas and ticks, as well as other parasites, cause numerous health problems in the animal from simple skin irritation to more serious problems with fever, anemia, etc … We are looking for a specific shampoo for the type of infestation from which our dog has been affected and if necessary, let’s contact our trusted veterinarian. Furthermore, it is always advisable to combine this type of product with the use of topical antiparasitic solutions, a topic that we had already extensively covered in our article on the best Seresto collar for dogs .

Age of the dog – just like for us human beings, even in the choice of products for our animals we must adjust based on age. If, for example, our furball is only a puppy we will have to equip ourselves with a product “for puppies”. This is because adult products may contain too aggressive concentrations that would risk irritating the skin of our dog, which is still too sensitive and delicate. We will also have to pay attention to the eyes, also in this case the aggressiveness of the adult product could create redness, irritation and burning very annoying for the little one. In addition to the physical side effects, which will disappear in a short time, the risk that the unpleasant experience linked to these symptoms triggers the fear of bathing in the puppy , transforming a necessary, playful, affectionate moment into a real nightmare for the following times.

Quick alternatives : dry best shampoo for dogs and wet wipes – it may happen that we need to bathe our dog but to be away from home, not to have access to beauty salons for dogs, even if only clean sources of water. give a quick wash to our puppy. It could happen during a walk, on vacation, in the car… Having a dog is more or less like having a very small child: emergencies happen and tend to happen in the least opportune moments and places. At this point what can we do?

We can use (by choice) two very practical products in this kind of situations: dry best shampoo for dogs and wet wipes! Only easily available products, with a generally low cost, whose effectiveness is comparable in all respects to that of a traditional best shampoo for dogs. They are often not bulky packages designed specifically for the bag, precisely because they are very useful when we are away from home. Again we will have to choose specific products for dogs, in order to respect the pH of his skin, to clean a light heart even the most sensitive areas of the body such as the nose, genital areas, etc … Take care, we verify that they are free of alcohol.

Dermatological problems – in the event that our dog has compromised skin due to some particular condition, we will have to seek advice from our trusted veterinarian to choose a safe product that will most likely have to respect medical needs. We strongly advise against following DIY recipes based on natural ingredients and essential oils , especially if the skin shows lesions or we are in the presence of allergies, the side effects could even worsen the irritation by forcing us to administer drugs.

Moulting products – seasonal moulting is a natural phenomenon that serves to renew the coat. Owners of medium to long-haired dogs know this phenomenon all too well … Hair, hair everywhere, skeins of hair rolling like bushes in western movies for the living room, hair on clothes, hair in food, hair, hair, hair … Maybe this scenario is a bit of an exaggeration but we pet owners really like to laugh about it. Some best shampoo for dogs have specific hair replacement formulations , some able to reduce the amount of hair lost per dog. They also often contain ingredients that improve the dog’s coat , making it stronger and healthier. A great idea will be to combine the use of brushes or carders with which to help the animal in the natural replacement of dead hair, stimulating the follicles and circulation.

Presence of knots in the hair – our dog is prone to developing knots in the hair we can combine the best shampoo for dogs with a conditioner with detangling action. The product will help restore the right balance in the natural oils of the hair, avoiding the formation of new knots and facilitating the passage of the brush. In the presence of a particularly “intricate” situation, let’s go to a groomer. It may be that the only solution that first time will be to shave the knotted hair which will grow back in a short time. In this case, let us recommend a specific product for your type of hair, so that we can take care of it daily in the best possible way.

Balsamo – as we said in the previous paragraph, the balm is specifically formulated to restore the natural oils of the coat of the dog leaving it soft, fluffy and shiny as silk. The active ingredients contained in the ingredients of the conditioner generally have a prolonged action that facilitate daily brushing even several days after its application.

Ingredients to avoid in dog shampoos

One of the fundamental aspects when choosing a best shampoo for dogs is the safety of the product. Unfortunately some brands use very aggressive ingredients that trigger violent reactions in the dog, which is why it is important to know how to recognize all the substances to avoid when we read the label of a product for the hygiene of our pet.

Preservatives – we all know that preservatives are substances that are added to perishable products, food or otherwise, to prolong their life. Unfortunately, there are not a few studies that reveal how these additives turn out to be harmful to health in the long run. One of the most common substances is formaldehyde , infamous for its effects on the brain and spine.

However, it is highly likely that you will not find “formaldehyde” written on the back of the packaging but a list of chemicals that will release or give life to formaldehyde. Some of these are:

  • Diazolidinyl urea
  • Imidazolidinyl urea
  • 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (or Bronopol)
  • Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate)
  • DMDM hydantoin (DMDM hydantoin)
  • Quaterium-7, -15, -31, 61

Another preservative to watch out for are Parabens such as Methylparaben, Propylparaben and Butylparaben. These substances destroy estrogen and in the long run can compromise the reproductive system of our canine friends, and are also closely linked to the appearance of some types of cancer.

Sodium benzoate is also a very common preservative. Taken alone it is not too dangerous but when it is mix with vitamin C, with ascorbic acid or with cyclic acid, a chemical reaction is triggered which leads to the formation of benzene . And here’s the problem: Benzene is infamous for being a major contributor to the development of leukemia and other serious blood disorders.

  • Sulphates – Sulphates are ingredients commonly used in making best shampoo for dogs and other “bubble” hygiene and cleaning products. It is a common thought that the more bubbles a cleaner produces, the better its cleaning action is. The sulphates attach themselves to the grease and dirt on the fur, envelop and remove it easily. Unfortunately these substances cause dry skin, itching, redness … they are also very reactive to both dioxane (dioxane) and ethylene oxide (ethylene oxide), both known carcinogens. Ethylene also interferes with the growth and development of tissues and the health of the immune system. It is also a known allergen.
  • Ethanolamines – if you see names ending in –ethanolamine on the product label, stay away like the plague because they are very dangerous carcinogens. Very often they are abbreviate with the abbreviations MEA, DEA and TEA.
  • Artificial Dyes and Fragrances – Artificial fragrances and dyes are unfortunately very common additives in beauty products. One of the most common ingredients (but which you will hardly find declared on the labels) are phthalates , substances used to join together the different molecules of fragrances. Without phthalates, there is no way that a product like shampoo retains its original scent over time without losing its intensity. Unfortunately, phthalates are also very harmful to hormones.

Artificial dyes, on the other hand, are mostly by- products of petroleum which are believed to be closely linked to the development of allergic reactions, neonatal malformations, tumors, etc …

How to effectively wash your dog?

Let’s face it: bathing the dog can be an exhausting activity but we are here to give you some useful advice to make the experience more fun and less laborious:

  • Let’s involve our furry friend in a playful activity , take him for a run or let him play fetch. The aim is to make him tired to let him discharge excess energy and be more relaxed at bath time.
  • We brush the hair properly before washing it. If we remove all the knots before dipping it in the tub it will be easier to use the best shampoo for dogs; our hands will slide into the coat (and undercoat) much more freely.
  • We protect the ears so that no water enters. We can simply plug them with one hand when we shower and “squeeze” them immediately after washing them.
  • Check the temperature of the water which must not be too hot or too cold but lukewarm .
  • We rinse the animal well from the soap residues to prevent them from settling on the skin with the risk of causing irritation. It is good practice to rinse the coat at least 3 times .
  • We always give the dog a reward at the end of the bath. Compliments, rewards, and maybe a little play or pampering are positive reinforcers that will make the bathing experience even more enjoyable in her memories.

Factors to consider when buying dog shampoo

It is common that when buying a product you cannot decide on a single option, as not all models offer the same features. So we’re going to give you some super useful data to help you decide between the 6 best dog shampoos you find on our list.

Skin type

If your little friends have very dry skin, there are ideal products for them with moisturizing properties or even with conditioner included. Another option you can choose is aloe vera or oat extracts, which will help relieve any skin irritation you may have.

If you have dogs with sensitive skin, dandruff, bites, shedding and other symptoms, you will have hypoallergenic shampoos available to help you clean them completely. You will also find specialized options to relieve irritated skin, inflammation and allergies, thanks to the soothing properties included.

Type of coat

Just like the shampoos we use every day, there are a few to apply to different coat types, and you will find them divided into two large groups: those for long-haired dogs and those for shorter hair. The former usually have properties that help untangle, as well as leave the coat shiny and super soft.

Short-haired dogs don’t need to untangle their fur, but rather to help you clean it thoroughly without damaging your pet’s delicate skin. A basic best shampoo for dogs might be useful, but it is recommended that you use one with nourishing properties so that you don’t lose the shine of your hair.

If your pets have greasy coats, you will be forced to clean them often, but there are special products that you can use constantly without problems. In general, it is not advisable to bathe them more than once every 20 days, or at least several times a month.

Possible allergies

Always remember that when you bathe your dogs you cannot use the same best shampoo for dogs you use every day, but a specific one for them. Since it can cause allergies to their skin, it is advisable to try it on a small piece of the body: if the area turns red or the animal scratches, you will have to use another hypoallergenic product.


As we all know, dogs have a much more developed sense of smell than we do, so it’s wise to make sure they like the smell of shampoo. There are some aromas that will seem pleasant to you, but that can be annoying to your four-legged friend. In this case, you can try different fragrances or use a product without flavorings.

Age of the dog

The skin of dogs has different stages throughout their life, just that of us humans. In fact, when they are puppies the skin is much more delicate, so you should opt for a specific cleaning product for the little ones. However, when they are older, they usually have trouble moving around, so we recommend that you consider purchasing a dry shampoo that is more comfortable to apply.

A great cleaning for your small pets

Knowing this list with the 6 best dog shampoos, you will surely be able to quickly choose which one to buy, also taking into account the characteristics that best suit your small pets. In any case, you can be sure that you have full confidence in these models, as they are clinically recommended, and you will get a great cleaning for your four-legged friends..

Frequent questions

🐶 1. Can I wash the dog with my shampoo?

Our shampoo is too acidic for dogs. If you bathe it once with your shampoo it won’t be harmful, but it can become so if it becomes a habit.

🐶2. Can i use baby shampoo to wash my dog?

Baby shampoo is a safe alternative. Being formulated for sensitive skin, it is very gentle.

🐶3. How often should I bathe my dog?

It is recommended that a dog with normal skin be bathed once a month. If you want to bathe more often, use a moisturizing shampoo to prevent your skin from drying out. Do not bathe your dog more than once a week unless recommended by your vet.

🐶 4. Which soap is safe for dogs?

The safest bars are the natural glycerin bars, plant-based and unscented, or those for perfuming the dog with botanical oils. The soap for dogs of pure glycerin low foaming and does not remove the natural oils, making the hair shiny .

🐶 5. How can I wash my dog ​​to remove the smell?

Baking soda absorbs odors in your refrigerator and will help remove dog odor as well. You will need a cup of baking soda for a large dog or half a cup for a smaller dog. Sprinkle baking soda on your dog’s coat. Do not put it on the muzzle, except on the base of the ears.


Bathing your dog can be a real hassle if your little friend doesn’t like getting wet. However, you have to do it, as long as you have the best shampoo for dogs. It’s not a good idea to use your own shampoo, as it may contain ingredients that could irritate her skin.

In this article we have seen what are the aspects to consider in order to buy the right product according to the needs of your pet.

Since we prefer to use for our friend Pelosetta only natural products, we chose the shampoo of The Dog’s Healthy Co . Its organic formula is effective for detangling hair and has a moisturizing action, which frees from bad odors. It produces a slight foam which makes rinsing operations extremely simple.

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