5 Best Dog Clipper For Professional Groomers Reviews 2022

I agree… Shearing a dog can be a real challenge… That’s why you should invest in a best Dog Clipper that’s not only efficient, but fast too!

But how can you choose the best one for your needs?

That’s why we are here!

Our team researched the 5 best dog clippers of 2022 that customers love!

Let’s look at the list together!

The best dog clippers

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1. Hansprou – The best ever

Power of the dog clipper: 45W

Out of all the brands and models we tested, this was the one we found to be the absolute best.

This clipper is perfect for completely shearing large dogs and even cats. Thanks to its powerful 45W motor with double speed, you can always use it at maximum power without any problem. The handle is ergonomic and allows you to use the clipper in a comfortable and really handy way. From the first use you will notice that it has also been designed for professional use. It is in fact small, easy to use and above all resistant.

Are you worried that the clipper is too noisy? With this Hansprou model it will certainly not be a problem. You will see that your dogs will not get scared, because it is equipped with a vibration damper, which makes it really quiet.

This clipper comes with a 3mm head, a cleaning brush and a bottle of oil. The 10 mm and 16 mm combs can be purchased separately, in order to complete the kit and be able to clip the hair of different breeds of dogs. It works connected to the mains thanks to the 3 m cable, an ideal length for working comfortably.

In short, a real treat. Powerful and silent motor, ergonomic and easy to use, it will allow you to obtain professional results directly in your home.

  • The best dog clipper on the market in 2022

  • 45W motor with double speed

  • 3 mm head

  • Ergonomic and handy handle

  • Perfect for shearing cats too

  • 3-meter cable for better comfort in movement

  • It is also ideal for professional use as it is small and resistant

  • Additional combs sold separately

  • It tends to overheat slightly

  • It seems to have difficulty if the hair has knots

2. Pecute – Best value for money

Power of the dog clipper: /

Among the best dog clippers we have found, this is definitely the one with the best value for money.

It is equipped with a 2200mAh lithium battery which will make your grooming job really easier. You can charge it and in 4 hours it will be ready for continuous use of more than 240 minutes. This feature makes it perfect for both home and professional use.

The engine is really powerful. Equipped with 5 rotation speeds, it allows you to mow with a minimum speed of 5000 rpm and a maximum of 7000 rpm. The convenience of having more speed in the same clipper is certainly that of being able to use a different and adequate one according to the hair of the dogs.

The blades consist of a combination of a fixed steel blade and a mobile stainless steel blade. The latter is very resistant and guarantees you a clean and precise cut without difficulty. Finally you will be able to cut your dogs hair quickly and efficiently. The peculiarity of the ceramic blade is that it does not overheat and runs on the skin of dogs without hurting them. The adjustable blade set consists of 1mm and 1.9mm blades while the combs are up to 3mm and up to 12mm.

Not for all dogs is a quiet moment that of clipping, if yours also has this small problem, surely you are looking for a clipper that is quiet enough. Don’t worry, this clipper only reaches 50 dB when used at full speed.

It features an LCD display with intelligent control that will make it easier for you to use the clipper. In fact, on the screen you can read the chosen speed, the battery status and the time available before it runs out. Among the many comments and opinions, this feature is one of the most appreciated, precisely because it makes it easier to use.

Powerful and safe, it will make your mowing job easy thanks to the five adjustable speeds and the silent motor. If you are looking for an affordable price and unsurpassed quality then this clipper will blow your mind.

  • 2200 mAh lithium battery that lasts up to 240 minutes in continuous operation

  • Perfect for home and even professional use

  • 5 speeds that can be set according to the experience and the dog’s coat

  • Fixed stainless steel blade and mobile ceramic blade

  • Motor that does not exceed 50 dB so as not to scare the dog

  • LCD screen to check all settings and battery status

  • Before shearing the hair must be combed well or with knots it could get caught

  • The clipper works best on dogs and cats with not too long hair

3. one is all – The best economic option

Power of the dog clipper: 35W

If you are new to clipping your dogs or cats and you still don’t know which clipper to buy, the best thing to do is to play it safe. And what’s safer than a kit with a really attractive price? In our ranking, this is certainly one of the best cheap dog clippers complete with accessories that you will be able to find on the market in 2022.

The clipper is really light and easy to use. In a short time, you will be able to fix your pet’s coat with professional results even if you have never had a shear before. Thanks to the 4 combs of different lengths, in fact, you can cut your dog’s hair differently depending on the area, but also depending on the season. The combs allow you to get a cut of 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm, and changing them from one to another is really a breeze.

The movable blade of the clipper is made of ceramic while the fixed one is titanium coated. Thanks to the practical front wheel you can adjust the length from 0.8 mm up to 2 mm. This way you will have even more control over the length of the cut and the results you want to achieve.

The clipper, despite its very affordable price, is robust and very practical to use. You can recharge it using the batteries present in the package but you can also clip your dog by keeping it connected to the mains. The engine is not very noisy and you can therefore rest assured, that your pets will not be frightened.

For a truly unbeatable price, you will have an excellent tool in your home to shear your dog or cat in complete tranquility and safety, without having to resort to external help.

  • Great budget dog clipper of 2022

  • Very light and easy to use

  • 4 combs of different lengths for different results

  • Mobile ceramic blade and fixed titanium coated blade

  • Adjustable blades from 0.8mm to 2mm

  • The engine is quite quiet

  • It works both on batteries and connected to the mains

  • The teeth of the combs look quite brittle

  • It does not seem suitable for animals with long hair

4. Moser 1230 Rex – Ultra quiet

Power of the dog clipper: 15W

With this Moser dog clipper, you will have a professional product that is perfectly suited for home use and for those who do not have much practicality yet. It is very light and comfortable to use especially thanks to the linear and simple design.

The 15W motor is extremely quiet and the various opinions and reviews of satisfied buyers can confirm this. However, it is powerful enough to allow you to get your dogs clipped to finish in no time. It does not create strong vibrations, which makes it really safe even if you are not yet an expert in dog or cat grooming.

You can easily adjust the stainless steel blades to different cutting levels, from 0.1mm to 3mm. Also supplied you will find two comfortable combs that can take the length up to 6 mm and up to 9 mm, to leave the hair a little longer.

It works connected to the electricity and the cable measures about 3 meters. You will notice how, although it is not wireless, it gives you all the freedom of movement you need to work comfortably and safely. For maintenance, you will also receive the set protection for the blades, a long bristle brush to clean the clipper, and a bottle of oil.

If you are looking for a truly silent dog clipper that does its job well, then this Moser model is for you. Very limited noise and professional results are guaranteed.

  • Very quiet 15W motor

  • Excellent clipper for home and professional use

  • It does not create strong vibrations and is therefore very safe

  • Stainless steel blades adjustable on different levels

  • Cable of about 3 meters that allows you freedom of movement

  • Included: combs, blade guard, cleaning brush and a bottle of oil

  • Only suitable for dogs without undercoat

  • Replacement blades are difficult to find and quite expensive

  • There are only two length adjusters

5. Yabife P001 – The most complete kit

Power of the Best dog clipper: 

You can buy a simple dog clipper or choose to buy a super complete kit for both dog and cat grooming. This Focuspet kit will certainly not leave you without accessories.

In addition to the clipper, you will also find four combs of different sizes to increase the cutting length, scissors for cutting, and one for thinning. To make your job even easier, you can also use the stainless steel comb to remove knots from the hair before proceeding with clipping.

With 3 speeds that can be set according to the length of your dog’s coat and your experience, you can get professional results in no time. Just start with the minimum speed to gain some confidence and then, when you get the hang of it, move up to 6500 rpm, like the pros.

The blades are made of titanium and ceramic, durable and strong, and gentle on your dog’s skin. You can adjust them in five different levels, from 0.8mm up to 2mm depending on the result you are looking for. They are also very easy to remove to clean them in the best way.

The LED screen will show you the set speed, power consumption, and how much time you have before the battery runs out. When this reaches 15% you will be signaled with a warning light. The motor is quiet and will allow you to clip your pets without worrying about scaring them.

The clipper runs on a battery, which you can comfortably recharge thanks to the very convenient and practical charging station. In 3 hours you will get a full charge that will last for 240 minutes of continuous work. If you want you can connect the clipper to the electric current, useful when you need to use it but the battery is low.

With a kit like this you can convert yourself into a true dog grooming professional. You will have everything you need and the work will really be faster and easier.

  • The best dog clipper in kit

  • Included: 4 combs, scissors for cutting and thinning scissors, stainless steel comb

  • 3 adjustable speeds (maximum 6500 rpm)

  • Blades made of very resistant titanium and ceramic

  • 5 levels of blade adjustment

  • LED screen showing various settings and battery life

  • 3-hour rechargeable battery that lasts up to 240 minutes of consecutive work

  • The package is missing the vial of oil for lubrication

  • Some customers have experienced problems with the serrated blade

Factors to consider when buying a dog clipper

Deciding to shear your dogs at home is a brave choice. For this it is essential to find the best dog clipper that fits perfectly to our needs. It is not easy to know which are the most important features to look for, which is why we want to help you by listing some of them.


Speed ​​is one of the first things you look for in products like these especially if they are the best dog clippers. Generally a quick model is sought if you want to get a quick clipping. For example with dogs that are difficult to manage, the ideal is to finish the job quickly. Then there are models with more speed. The former are lighter and easier to handle, but the latter are ideal if you have dogs of different breeds that need different care.


Some models of dog clippers are manufactured with ceramic blades, which are durable and take longer to heat up. Steel blades, on the other hand, can lengthen the mowing process because, as they overheat, you will have to stop working to wait for them to cool.

With cable or without cable

Choosing a corded or cordless clipper depends primarily on the type of dog you own and how you will use it. If your plan is to clip your dog in the garden or if you plan to chase it, opt for a cordless model.

If, on the other hand, your dogs are calmer and let themselves be clipped, for example, in the bathtub, a corded clipper will do just fine. There are normally no differences between a corded or non-wired model, apart of, of course, having to keep the battery charged in the wireless model.


Another factor that depends a lot on the type of dog you will have to shear. Choosing a dog clipper that is as quiet as possible is always the best choice because you will prevent your pet from getting scared by the engine being too noisy. If it gets agitated by the noise, it could also create a dangerous situation.


The various accessories you will need to mow can be purchased separately, such as brushes or pliers. However, if you prefer to make a unique investment and have everything at your fingertips, the best thing you can do is to choose a kit rather than a single clipper.

For a happy and clean four-legged friend

We have written this special article for you with all the information you may need to be able to choose the best dog clipper of 2022. We are confident that by rereading our reviews and our honest opinions about these top products you will find the perfect one for you and for your little four-legged friends.

Frequent questions

1. Can human razors be used on dogs?

Although human and dog razors serve the same purpose, there are indeed a lot of differences when it comes to appearance. Human razors are not good for dogs because the motor power is too powerful for dog hair. In addition, the noise of a normal razor could really annoy the animal a lot.

2. Is dog hair easier to trim when dry or wet?

Unlike people who tend to prefer to have wet hair when cutting, dog hair should be dry instead. However, it is recommended to pay close attention to particularly sensitive areas to avoid injuries.

3. Is it easy to shave your dog?

First of all, it would always be good to use a dog hair clipper and stay well away from the scissors, as they are less safe. Doing it on your own could improve the bond you have with your pet, but you could certainly also get help from someone else or quietly contact an expert in the sector.

4. Do professional dog clippers give dogs sedatives?

Sedatives are only useful in the worst case and to tell the truth it would always be better to avoid them. Not only is their use without the owner’s consent unethical, it is even illegal as well as dangerous. Giving a dog a medicine with a light heart could have serious consequences on his health.

5. How often should dogs be shorn?

Of course, a lot depends on the breed of the dog, the length of its hair and the type of coat. Generally once a month could be more than enough. For puppies or dogs that have never been shorn, you should avoid imposing a higher frequency on them.

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