The Best Dog Training Collar – Ranking 2022

A well-behaved and trained dog is one of the greatest satisfactions for a person!

How, you don’t know how to do it?

Precisely for this reason in this review we have collected the 5 best dog training collars of 2022.

Choose one and your dog will obey you without hesitation!

The best dog training collars

The best dog training collars

1. Wodondog – Best of all

Type: with remote control

Wodondog is the absolute best electric dog training collar you can buy in 2020. With different training modes, totally waterproof and with position lights to locate your puppy even in the dark when it is far away, it is truly exceptional.

Practical, simple and safe to use, this electronic training collar works without emitting a single shock as the system is anti-shock. Both the strap and the remote control are built with ultra-resistant and waterproof materials, in fact they resist even dogs with the most impetuous behaviors and training near rivers and lakes.

Very easy to put on and with many types of stimulations, you will be spoiled for choice. The Wodondog electric training collar allows you to choose between 3 training modes with hundreds of different customizations based on the size of the dog and the type of training you want to do.

You can train your puppy anywhere, from your backyard to the woods thanks to the high signal range that this educational device offers you. The remote control allows you to send commands from up to 500 meters away. If you have lost sight of the dog, don’t worry! Vibrating position lights are available on the collar for easy detection even in the dark.

In the package, in addition to the training device, you will also find everything you need for charging and four silicone cases for the protection of both the collar and the fur of your four-legged friend. Dog training has never been easier than with Wodondog!

  • Best Electric Dog Training Collar of 2022

  • Safe and painless, it works without shock

  • Ultra resistant and waterproof materials

  • Very easy to put on

  • Many types of training available

  • High maximum range (500 meters)

  • Position lights for easy identification

  • Set with silicone cases

  • Instruction manual in English only

  • Ergonomics of the lead can be improved

2. PetTec p-collar 301 – Top of the range

Type: with remote control

In our opinion, PetTec is among the best dog training collars for all those who need to teach their dogs not to bark at any time of the day. Let’s see all the features together and why it is considered the top anti-bark collar of today.

Although this corrective electric collar works through a gentle and painless method, it guarantees very high performance. The collar does not in fact cause any kind of pain to your dog and with over 16 types of vibrations and sounds inside it you can easily teach your dog not to bark all the time.

Like all top-of-the-range training collars, it is built with excellently crafted materials. It meets all the highest production standards and offers you the guarantee of IPX7 robustness, that is, it is ultra-resistant to shocks and water. You can educate your puppy wherever you want, even outdoors thanks to the maximum signal range of 600 meters.

Another point in favor of the PetTec Electronic Training Collar is the long-lasting battery that both the device and the remote control have. With an ultra-fast charge of just two hours, you can train your dog for days without problems. Finally, you can check the battery level on the LCD screen on the remote control.

The remote also needs some attention, as it is ergonomically built and is truly intuitive to use based on having only four buttons. You don’t have to go crazy with the instructions, just let your dog wear it without wasting another second!

  • Among the top of the range electric anti-bark training collars
  • Gentle and painless training method
  • 16 types of vibrations and sounds to choose from
  • Built with IPX7 certified materials
  • Signal with maximum range up to 600 meters
  • Long-lasting battery
  • LCD screen on the remote control for battery control
  • Intuitive remote control to use
  • Not suitable for very small dogs
  • Led on the collar with little light

3. Citronella Spray Dog Training Collar – Best value for money

Type: with lemongrass spray

If you are looking for an alternative to training collars with vibrations and sounds and at the same time you also want an excellent product and in particular with a high quality / price ratio, PetTec 15144 is the model for which you must opt. Harmless and instantaneous, it is suitable for all types of dogs.

Do not the electric educational models convince you? No problem, PetTec has really thought of everything. This collar works through a citronella spray that is harmless both for your four-legged friend, for humans and also for the environment. When your dog barks, the collar activates automatically releasing a squirt of lemongrass fragrance that calms him.

You will notice right away that the feedback from this collar is really immediate and your four-legged friend will stop barking incessantly. Another advantage is that the spray will only affect the dog wearing the collar, so you don’t have to worry if you have more than one puppy and not all of them are impetuous and not all of them bark often.

The PetTec Educational Collar offers you a long-lasting battery. With a single charge you can do up to 30 hours of training sessions without any problems. Even when the batteries are about to run out, the effectiveness will always be at its peak.

Quick, effective and totally harmless, you can’t ask for more from a similar product. Our opinions are clear and the reviews of satisfied customers will surely confirm it, this model is one of the best for the value for money it offers you.

  • Ranked as one of the best dog training collars of 2022

  • High quality / price ratio

  • Perfect alternative to electric models

  • It works via a harmless lemongrass spray

  • It activates immediately

  • The spray only affects the dog wearing the collar

  • Battery with autonomy up to 30 hours

  • Not suitable for breeds with very long hair

  • It needs continuous training to see results

4. Dr.Trainer – Number one for hunting dogs

Type: electronic with sound and vibration

Dr.Trainer is the best dog training collar for all those who need to educate their hunting dog not to emit unnecessary barking and barking in the least opportune moments. Your friend will learn right away and you will soon notice a marked improvement in behavior.

Not having to control it with a remote control, it is perfect for hunting dogs that move away from their owners as it is activated immediately when the dog fidgets and barks. Thanks to Dr.Trainer you will not even escape a prey anymore, your four-legged friend will identify it but at the same time will not let it run away by barking.

The electronic collar works through an automatic vibration and sound system that is activated immediately at the right time, and you can decide between 7 power levels based on the type and size of your dog. In any case, you don’t have to worry, even at the maximum power level the electric collar is totally harmless and painless for your trusted friend.

It is also comfortable to wear, it does not cause your friend any kind of discomfort. The construction materials are of excellent quality, with IP65 certification, it is resistant to splashes and dirt, it is also perfect for all those who have truffle dogs that dig holes to find the precious mushrooms.

To top it all off, there is a long-lasting rechargeable battery. A single charge allows you to use this electric collar for up to 20 hours straight. By choosing Dr.Trainer we are sure that the way you go hunting with your four-legged friend will change considerably!

  • Perfect training collar for hunting dogs

  • Works with vibrations and sounds

  • It is activated as soon as the puppy barks

  • 7 selectable powers, all painless

  • Comfortable to wear

  • IP65 certified construction materials

  • Long-lasting battery

  • Absence of instructions in Italian

  • Some dogs after several uses no longer notice the vibrations

  • Absence of a led on the collar

5. DogRook – Best Cheap Dog Training Collar

Type: electronic with sound and vibration

DogRook is the best cheap dog training collar of 2022. It proves ideal for anyone who has a boisterous dog and has really tried them all to calm him down. Why not give it a last try? You will not spend a lot of money at all and you will certainly notice improvements.

Suitable for dogs of all sizes, this training collar is truly safe. It does not cause any kind of shock to your four-legged friend and is built with ultra-resistant materials. All additional materials are built in compliance with all safety standards and are completely non-toxic and free of harmful substances.

It works intelligently and immediately. As soon as the dog begins to bark, without the need for a remote control it activates and sends acoustic signals with vibration in order to calm it. To make it work, all you have to do is place it on your dog’s neck and select from the 7 power levels, the one most suited to the level of impetuosity and the size of your companion.

Another point in favor of DogRook is undoubtedly the design, considerably more beautiful and compact than many other models on the market. It adapts perfectly to any type of coat and size thanks to the high possibility of adjustment and is available in two beautiful colors to choose from.

In our opinion, you won’t find anywhere else such a functional, effective and easy-to-use training collar for such a small price. Use it and we are sure you will wonder why people spend all that useless money on a trainer!

  • Best Cheap Dog Training Collar

  • Suitable for all breeds

  • Painless operation

  • Intelligent and with immediate feedback

  • 7 power levels to choose from

  • Lightweight, beautiful and compact design

  • Not suitable for dogs using harnesses

  • Resistance to improve

Factors to consider when purchasing a dog training collar

After reading the list of products that we recommend you to buy, you may certainly still have some doubts about which model to choose. If you want to make a safe and suitable investment for you as well as for your four-legged friend, continue reading this article to the end where you will find numerous and valuable tips for a good choice.


The type of training collar can vary according to needs and price. On the market there are electronic models with remote control, automatic and with spray. If you need to perfectly train your dog even for professional events, we recommend the model with remote control. If it’s just a matter of barking and messing, an automatic one is better.

Maximum capacity

This feature is very important for collars that work with a remote control. To be able to control your dog without difficulty even from long distances, our advice is to opt for a model with remote control that has a signal range of at least 300 or 400 meters. This way you don’t always have to chase your four-legged friend!


Construction materials are very important. First of all, check that the model you have chosen is built with robust products and in particular with waterproofing certifications. Not only can you use it wherever you want without any problem, but it is of fundamental importance especially if you have impetuous and very agitated dogs.


One parameter that will interest your dog more than you is comfort. Check absolutely based on the type of friend you have, whether the collar can be uncomfortable or not. Comfort can greatly influence the success of the training because if the collar is not appreciated, the dog will do everything to remove it.


Some extra factors may be the presence of positional LEDs on the collar to make you locate the dog in the dark and from afar, or a long-lasting rechargeable battery. However, these parameters will increase the total cost of the product and therefore rather than giving you advice, we just tell you to choose according to your possibilities.

Like professionals

If your dog drives you crazy with constant barking and impetuous and agitated behavior, don’t worry, we have the solution at hand. Choose one of the 5 best dog training collars in this review and you will get results equal to a professional instructor, but obviously spending much less!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Training Collars

1. What is best dog training collars?

In our experience, the value for money depends on individual preferences and needs. But, if you ask us, we recommend Queenmew Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar with Remote Control, Stop Barking Device with Beep & Lemongrass Spray Mode, Rechargeable and Water Resistant. Compared to the expensive models, it is a bit cheaper but is about the same in terms of functionality.

2. Which option is the best value for money?

In our experience, the value for money depends on individual preferences and needs. But, if you ask us, we recommend Queenmew Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar with Remote Control, Stop Barking Device with Beep & Lemongrass Spray Mode, Rechargeable and Water Resistant. Compared to the expensive models, it is a bit cheaper but is about the same in terms of functionality.

3. What is the inexpensive dog training collars?

If you are on a budget and looking for a good option, you can choose Havenfly Dog Training Collar No Electric Shock, Anti-Bark Dog Collar with Vibration and Sound, 500m Remote Control, Waterproof Rechargeable (2 Dogs). It’s definitely a good buy if you’re not focusing on high-end features but on getting the job done right.

4. What are the best dog training collars brands?

If you are looking for the best dog training collars brands, you can consider WWVVPET, BO-sense, Queenmew, Havenfly, JJOBS, Havenfly, Havenfly

5. Remote Control Lemongrass Spray Dog Training Collar, 2-Mode Lemongrass Dog Barking Collar, Waterproof Anti Barking Device is better than Dog Anti Bark Collar, Anti Bark Spray Collar, Rechargeable Bark Dog Training Device with Remote Control, Safe for All Dogs with 3 in 1 Design Spray Beep Vibration?

To answer this, we ran an additional test and found that Remote Control Lemongrass Spray Dog Training Collar, 2-Mode Lemongrass Dog Barking Collar, Waterproof Anti-Barking Device actually has better performance than Anti Barking Collar Dogs, Anti-Bark Spray Collar, Rechargeable Remote Control Dog Bark Training Device, Safe for All Dogs with 3 in 1 Vibration Beep Spray Design. You can still do your research and decide which best fits your needs.

6. What is the most expensive dog training collars?

Remote Control Lemongrass Spray Dog Training Collar, 2-Mode Lemongrass Dog Barking Collar, Waterproof Anti-Barking Device is the most expensive option on our list that retails for $ 69.99. However, buying a product just because it’s more expensive isn’t a smart move to make. You should also take into consideration the specifications and your usage.

7. What is the cheapest dog training collars?

Buying the cheapest dog training collars with all the latest features is a mistake many people make. We do not recommend that you fall in love with such traps, however, if you cannot afford to get a moderate model, you can choose UEETEK 120CM Dog Training Leash, Heavy Duty Dog Leash, Nylon Leash, Walking Dog Leash, 120 * 1.2CM (L * W).


We sincerely hope you find it useful to purchase your own dog training collars. This buyer’s guide wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing research team putting together all the information, reviews and test reports. However, if you feel we have missed a model to add or would like us to test / review one in particular, share its details in the comments section below.

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