Best Dog leashes 2022 Buying Advice, Ranking and Reviews

Best dog leashes: The leash is a useful product to keep your dog at bay when you have to carry him around or if you want to train him. You can choose between different models, in nylon or leather, which will be available in the extendable version or not, to meet your needs. The cost will vary based on the product you need, but how do you determine if the quality is good? Consult our guide will give you useful suggestions on the matter and clarify any doubts you have. 

If you don’t have the time, take a look at our favorite articles. JULIUS K-9 16IDC-PN-4 is equipped with an integrated and adjustable harness, with writings that light up in the dark and guarantee the safety of your pet. Pecute also convinced us Pecute3814-1, which includes a belt to put on the waist, to be followed by your dog even when playing sports.

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How to choose the best dog leashes

To keep your dog under control, when taking him out for a walk, the use of a leash is essential. How to find the one that best suits your faithful friend? Take a look at our guide, which can give you helpful tips on finding the best brand. Do not forget to also consult the reviews of other users, which can make you understand the real value of the model you plan to buy.

Buying Guide

The material

A factor that determines the duration of the leash but also its price, is the material in which it was built. To select the most valid one on the market it is necessary to base first of all on the age and size of the dog.

For a small one, in fact, excessively resistant materials will not be necessary and you can opt for a soft model that is in fabric or rope, or even a not thick chain, which does not bother the animal’s neck.

Large dogs, on the other hand, need a very resistant model, which does not break due to the various tractions and which avoids hurting even those who hold it in their hand.

For example, in this case it is not recommended to use nylon, which scratches and can cause cuts if you have to hold the leash for a long time.

However, the same material is convenient when it comes to rewinding the product, as it allows it to occupy a very small space. But if you want to sacrifice this feature for a better grip, better leather, much more solid and durable.

The right length

Another aspect that you absolutely cannot neglect is the choice of the right length, which allows you a good range of action and the dog some freedom of movement. Compare the prices of the various models and also evaluate the quality of the product, so as to make an informed decision. Remember not to go below 100/120 cm, a size suitable for almost all dogs, puppies or adults.

If you intend to buy just one, you can also opt for an extendable or extendable model, depending on your needs. The first consists of a series of carabiners, which can be hooked together, creating the desired length each time.

Even if they are designed purely for training, they are useful precisely for those who do not want to face various expenses. The extendable ones are instead made up of a spring that retracts or lengthens the leash based on how far the animal tends to move away. For a safety issue, however, the law requires the maximum length to be 1.50 meters when used in open places.

The first approach

Remember to get your pet used to the leash slowly, so that it does not become a trauma the first few times it is used. So get him used to the collar first and maybe reward him with a small reward, if he is good when you go around.

In our ranking at the bottom you can compare the features and costs of some of the best models we have found on the net.

The best dog leashes of 2022

Here you can compare the characteristics of what, in our opinion, are the best dog leads of 2022. Consult our buying advice to decide which one to buy.


1- JULIUS K-9 16IDC-PN-4

Main advantage:

Very high care for the realization and the choice of the most resistant materials characterize this harness designed for the most active dogs.

Main disadvantage:  

A lot of attention to detail and the choice of the best quality materials raises costs that far exceed the average compared to the most common harnesses of the first price.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is not a harness for all dogs but above all for those who lead an adventurous life and are often in a position to face long journeys on foot with their owners. There are many precautions used to make it versatile and perfect for dressing the dog’s body without irritating it in any way.


Highest quality materials

Best dog leashes are not all the same, some must guarantee excellent performance and offer maximum safety to the animal based on the type of activity carried out. Like the rest, not all dogs have the same habits. Those who spend a lot of time outside, in the company of their masters and who venture into great exploration, must rely on good support to get carried where and how they are needed.

The Julius K-9 harness does its job best thanks to the choice of soft but very resistant materials, which do not tend to fray, lose strength or come apart as the dog grows. All the fabrics used and the different components are Oeko-Tex certified, the reference brand for materials and the production process that characterizes them. The fabric used is perfectly breathable and leaves no marks on the fur.

Available in every size and always with great ergonomics

The dog leash must fit snugly to the dog’s body, so it must be designed for the size and build of the animal. In this case it is possible to count on six different sizes but these can be further adapted to the animal’s body because they can be adjusted with simple systems of tie rods and buckles.

So it is easy to find the optimal position for the harness to adhere well to the body without rubbing and irritating the skin or marking the dog’s coat. An important solution because it disappears and does not get in the way of the dog who otherwise feels annoyed and can delay in accepting this foreign body.


You can also apply extras to the harness. Such as for example the side bags that do not burden and do not unbalance the dog’s balance but allow him to always have everything he needs with him to have fun outdoors. The ability to customize the collar is also very useful. With a system of interchangeable stickers it is easy to write the dog’s name or other useful information for those who find the dog.

The presence of reflective inserts that glow in the dark is an important detail that helps to easily identify the animal wherever it is. You can choose the ideal model from a huge catalog of colors and models. Just check the availability of the most suitable size, it will not be difficult to find the ideal model in such a large sample.

2- Shed Defender Shock Absorbing Bungee Leash

Among the models sold online, that of Pecute seems to be the best dog leash for those who want to walk the animal while it runs. In fact, in the package you will find a belt to be placed at the waist and to be connected to an elastic band that holds back the tugs during movement.

This solution is also useful when it is particularly cold and you don’t want to keep your hands out of your pockets. Alternatively, you can use the padded handle, to take a simple walk, leaving the dog more freedom.

The rope in fact stretches from 150 to 210 cm and allows your friend to move as if he were not kept on a leash. The seams are also reflective, to increase safety in low light.

The cost is quite affordable and by no means prohibitive for most users. However, there are those who believe the belt is not performing, as it is not adjustable and often tends to become loose.

If you have already chosen where to buy your next dog leash, we will help you in your decision by analyzing the pros and cons of this new model.

  • Waist: ideal for those who love to take their friend for a walk while exercising, this leash is equipped with a belt that will allow you to have your hands free, but in total control over your pet. To help you, the whole thing is connected to an elastic band to cushion the pull-ups.

  • Handle: Alternatively, you can opt for a comfortable and resistant padded handle, which still guarantees an excellent grip.

  • Length: to ensure greater freedom, you have the option of extending the leash from 150 to 210 cm.

  • Cost: despite all the comforts we have listed, the cost is still affordable and within everyone’s reach.

  • Adaptability: the belt may not be suitable for everyone as it does not give the possibility to adjust the circumference.

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3- Kaka mall – with nameplate

One of the most convincing offers that we can suggest is that of Kaka mall, that is a leash made of nylon and mesh and also designed not to harm the dog. The fabric is in fact breathable and guarantees minimal friction against the animal’s fur.

A great advantage lies in the reflective material, which allows you to recognize your presence even in the dark, preserving your and your friend’s health. The handle is very good, padded like the rest of the product, which is soft to hold even for a long time.

Another advantage is being able to enter your dog’s name on the included tag, along with all the useful information that will help you find you too, should it run away. The price is affordable and the only flaw, apart from not being able to choose a pink one, is not being able to reduce its size, as the length is not adjustable.

After analyzing the opinions of the various buyers, we present the advantages and disadvantages of this model that presents a very useful detail.

  • Materials: the materials used are nylon and mesh, designed not to harm your dog. They are in fact breathable fabrics to ensure minimum friction against the animal’s fur. Brightness: many finishes are made with a reflective material that allows you to walk safely even in the dark without endangering your friend.

  • Accessories: proof even of longer walks, the handle is padded. This way you will not strain your hands excessively. You will also find another very useful detail in case of loss. In fact, together with the leash there is also a convenient tag that can contain, in addition to the name, also other useful information.

  • Length: among the few defects of this article we can note the fact that the length is not adjustable and therefore may not be suitable for all dogs.

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4- Kaka mall – Catena 120CM

If you are still not convinced of which best dog leashes to buy, continue reading our suggestions, which can give you valid ideas and solve your dilemmas. Another solution that we really liked is that of Kaka mall, which has thought of a product suitable for those who demand resistance and solidity over time.

The fabric models, in fact, suffer from the restlessness of the liveliest animals, who do not think twice before biting them. To avoid having to buy another one, better a chain leash for dogs, which certainly won’t break with a bite.

There are three sizes available: S, M and L, dedicated to all sizes. The rings are made of stainless steel, so not even rust can affect your purchase. The handle is made of durable and padded nylon, so you can walk as long as you want.

The price is competitive but not everyone loves this version, which does not include a shock absorber.

We continue with our list of pros and cons for each item chosen by us, with this leash marked Kaka mall.

  • Chain: for those who consider the fabrics too fragile and excessively subject to wear, the chain is perfect for making a purchase aimed at lasting over time. The steel makes this leash resistant even to larger dogs and is not afraid of rust.

  • Sizes: you can choose between three different sizes, S, M and L, depending on your preferences and the size of your dog. Handle: the nylon handle allows you greater comfort even for longer walks

  • Shock absorber: one of the cons that we want to underline and that some of the buyers have found is the lack of the shock absorber, an important element for your safety and for that of your dog, especially if it is particularly lively. Weight: the material makes it a pretty heavy leash, especially for small dogs.

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5- Traindee Standard 0.5m Shock

You have probably already figured out how to choose a good dog leash, given the quality of our proposals. However, we want to conclude our reviews with an accessory that can be useful on several occasions.

Traindee’s is in fact a complement that can transform the simplest means of controlling the animal into an advanced model. This elastic in fact has two ends that attach to the collar and the other end, transforming yours into a specific leash for dogs that pull.

You won’t have to buy another model if the faithful friend proves a little too lively when you are out and about or if you want to take it with you when you go for a run. It also proves to be a valuable aid in his training, if you want it to be as less traumatic as possible.

The price is quite high, but justified if you think that the product is universal and that it goes well with all types of leash. However, not everyone is satisfied with its excessive length, as many would have liked it to be shorter.

To make the walking equipment for your dog more complete, we offer you an important accessory for his and your safety. Let’s see together what are the pros and cons of this shock absorber.

  • Universality: an important factor that can guide you in the choice is that this extension is compatible with any type of leash, so you are not constrained in the choice from this point of view.

  • Resistence: being an accessory designed specifically for the liveliest dogs, the materials are designed to withstand even the greatest tractions.

  • Length: the length of 0.5 meters is excessive, according to some buyers. At maximum extension it reaches 2 meters and it can be difficult to manage so much length.

  • Cost: among the accessories it may not be the cheapest, given the cost a little higher than the average.

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6- JULIUS K-9 16IDC-PN-4

When we talk about quality, we can only rely on a well-known brand such as Julius K-9, which has always ensured valid harnesses for dogs that pull on a leash. Among all the models available it is in fact one of the best sellers, for a series of reasons that we are going to explain.

First of all the quality of the materials, very resistant, which are able to hold the animal when it sees another dog or does not want to stop. Not bad is the presence of the Oeko-Tex certificate, which also ensures its total harmlessness for you and your trusted friend. The harness is adjustable, thanks to the Velcro closures, and has a waterproof coating, which will allow it not to be damaged in the presence of water. The writings present light up in the dark, so as to guarantee the safety of the animal even in these situations.

The leash is stiff and allows for a good grip when needed. You can choose the ideal size, from those for larger dogs to those for small dogs. Of course the price is in line with these characteristics, so it is not low.

This guide to choosing the best dog leash allows you to analyze the pros and cons of some of the best products on the market. Let’s start with the first model.

  • Materials: one of the reasons why this model is the first place for us is certainly the care of the materials. These guarantee maximum tensile strength, even in the case of larger dogs.

  • Certification: a guarantee of total safety is given by the Oeko-Tex certification, which makes this leash and this harness totally safe for you and your dog. Choice: the same model can be purchased in different sizes.

  • Lighting:the harness is equipped with finishes that light up in the dark and that allow you to walk even in the late evening, in complete safety.

  • Price: if your attention is also on the search for low prices, this leash is not among the cheapest.

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How to use a dog leash

A matter of law

Size and age matter

When you are preparing to choose a leash for your dog it is important to take into account specific aspects related to its size and age.

Soft rope or fabric best dog leashes are suitable for puppies and small dogs, while for large dogs we recommend a more resistant model that does not break easily, in order to avoid any danger for us and for him.

In any case, when you buy a leash for your four-legged friend, you must always consider the practicality and manageability of the model.

The length

As already mentioned, by law the leash must have a maximum length of 1.50 meters, but above all we must consider the nature, habits and education of the dog. Therefore, leaving more or less room for the animal will largely depend on the owner.

For a well-behaved dog, which does not run away and does not jerk, an adjustable leash could also be fine, to be kept at the legal length when in public places or in the city and to be stretched more in isolated and less frequented environments.

The retractable models are also very comfortable and practical, equipped with a spring device that automatically rewinds the leash, which can be locked at any time at fixed lengths, as needed.

And materials

In addition to the length, the materials must also be considered: chain best dog leashes are the most uncomfortable of all, because they can cause injuries to the hands if the dog suddenly pulls, and the same also applies to rope products. The best option, therefore, is a flexible fabric leash.

Finally, there are training models, made of leather and much shorter than traditional ones. They are usually used for the training exercises of defense or guard dogs, and their peculiarity is due to the rings placed in intermediate positions, through which it is possible to adjust the length according to the situation.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about dog harnesses

Many owners have several doubts and apprehensions about buying and using a dog harness. Some think these harnesses are uncomfortable while others believe a leash and collar are enough for smaller dogs.

However, harnesses are the best choice for several reasons, such as helping with dog posture and behavior.

Here are some frequently asked questions about harnesses!

Do harnesses help with dog pulling? Are harnesses better than collars? 

Harnesses can reduce the pressure exerted on the dog’s neck and help distribute weight evenly . These are better than collars for several reasons. They are more suitable for small dogs and do not subject it to particular restrictions, which is important for breeds such as the Pug , which is a breed prone to breathing problems.

Harnesses are better than collars mainly because they can be used in training. They allow for greater control, they do not push to pull, and they do not allow the dog to jump on strangers. Unlike best dog leashes which can get tangled, harnesses are safer.

These can be attached to a leash via front and rear hooks. The front hook is great for large dogs who love to drive while the back hook is more pressure sensitive but doesn’t cause pain to the dog.

What is the most suitable harness for running? 

The NEEWA Running Harness is the best. It is a racing harness made especially to be kept for a long time. With this harness, the dog can run with you all day and take part in all the activities you want. It can be put on and taken off very easily.

This harness is equipped with a double hook to attach the leash and a reinforced webbing in the chest area that offers additional control and resistance to the pressure given by the pull. Also ideal as a training harness. This also features an aluminum rear hook (V-ring).

Since running harnesses are long-lasting, comfort is a necessity. For this reason the harness is equipped with padded harnesses in the chest and belly area. This harness also allows you to distribute the weight equally during walking, running and even in moments of rest.

It also features four adjustable points to allow 360 degree free movement. There is also a pocket for the identity card and the dog’s tag, without taking into account that the reflective strips increase the value of the harness as I allow the dog to be visible to everyone, all day and all night.

Do harnesses help with dog pulling?

Yes, some non-pulls also help prevent this pull. As far as this is concerned, the HALTI harness is one of the best. It was originally designed by Dr. Roger Mugford to prevent this dog habit and offer more control to the owner. The HALTI collar works on the same principle as the harness, i.e. restraining the dog from the chest instead of the neck. In this way, the owner has more control over his dog.

The HALTI harness is equipped with a patented front control system that pulls the dog from the chest and shoulders. This helps set the direction you want the dog to go. The most reassuring thing about this harness is the fact that it is always comfortable and never exerts pressure. The double-ended best dog leashes allows excellent control. The front ring guides the dog while the shoulder ring works just like a car brake.

How does a car harness work? 

car harness is a harness that protects the dog using the car seat belt system. To make your work easier, these harnesses are usually equipped with a belt that can be attached to the attachment point of the normal belt. At other times, these have an opening for the seat belt to pass through and keep the dog in a safe position.

Once you have put the harness on by passing the neck harnesses through the head, make sure that the back pad matches the dog’s back and that the chest pad is positioned in the center. Finally, take the dog’s front legs and pass the different openings of the harness; once worn, your puppy will be ready to go with you!

Do I have to leave the harness all day?

You can leave it but it is not recommended. The harness can also be comfortable for the dog but it is always better to let him sleep at night with nothing.

This is needed when you take it out for a walk, run or for some healthy exercise and can also be used in training. If you let your dog sleep with this, it may end up chewing on it or it may become uncomfortable. This is especially true for puppies and small dogs.

Why does my dog ​​hate his harness?

Even though harnesses are very comfortable these days, your dog may psychologically feel it as a restriction on his movements .

Initially the dog may hate her but this is only because he hasn’t gotten used to it yet. For this reason, don’t try to force him, you should instead try to convince him with love and kindness. Patience is crucial in this transition phase, at least until he gets used to taking a few walks with it.

If your dog continues to hate her, then make sure she is not particularly uncomfortable. For example, harness harnesses should not be in direct contact with the dog’s skin as they may cause irritation.

How to introduce a new harness to the dog?

Introducing your dog to a new harness should be something gradual , especially if they have never worn it before. It is common for dogs to show initial aversion to this. For this reason, instead of changing it overnight, allow your dog to wear it safely indoors before taking it outside.

Giving the pooch a reward for wearing the new harness is a great way to introduce him to the change. If your dog puts on the new harness without any problem, that is, it does not bark and does not show any alarm signals, give your friend lots of quality croquettes and lots of cuddles . Your little dog will sooner or later understand that the harness is something good. Once your puppy gets used to wearing it indoors, it’s time to start wearing it outside as well, especially on short walks and when exercising.

During the initial phase, long best dog leashes that hug the chest are a good choice before introducing the dog to a proper harness.

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